Welcome to The Turn 20 League, where battles are hard fought and eternal glory is earned. On this website, you will find everything you need regarding the League and other important Atlas Reactor links in their own tab. Later on, we will have more tabs with more functions as the League and community get bigger.

Home will bring you back to this screen. Posts will have everything we post including Interviews, Highlight Reels, Articles, Major Updates, and more. Rules houses all the rules and format of the League as well as the documented form for alternative use. Teams will showcase all Teams signed up for the current Season with the Logo, Roster, and Quotes. Links will have all Atlas Reactor links as well as our Discord and League Stream links.

On behalf of everybody involved with the Turn 20 League, we welcome everybody to our website and hope you join our Discord, whether or not you are participating in the tournaments, and hope that everybody has a great experience with the new League. If you are interested in joining the League as a Free Agent, Team, or Staff, join us in the Discord and there will be more information for you there.